Nine-Nineing my way into the fandom

ok, ok, cool cool cool cool…

So recently I decided to see what the hype was about regarding the much loved show Brooklyn Nine-Nine and my only response is this: why haven’t I watched this show sooner?

This award winning sitcom starring the spectacular Andy Samberg as lead Jake Peralta is set in a New York precinct as we watch 8 detectives and an assistant solve crimes and live chaotically and wildly. This show has become one of TV’s most realistic representation of fun, giving viewers all the good feels. The show comes from the producers of Parks and Recreation and The Office so there was no doubt this new take on comedy would be just as funny but in a different, fresh and new light. So in lieu of this amazing show, here’s some of what makes it one of my favourite shows:

  • The cast

This is an obvious one but the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the best comedic ensemble team I have ever seen. The detective squad are all best friends, have the best dynamics it’s like a family. Dare I say it, without the cast, this show wouldn’t be as successful. In addition, there’s no one member of the cast who falls into the background, not even Hitchcock and Scully. Every character is developed and has their time to shine, it’s truly amazing.

  • Jake and Amy’s relationship

From day one, I have shipped these two goofy detectives and the best thing about its portrayal is the lack of drama and the accurate representation of a real stable relationship. We have watched them argue about the pros and cons of dating a colleague, who will move in with who, kids and the future and yet, they still are holding strong. They’re funny, cute and adorable. And don’t even get me started on their wedding…I was a blubbering mess.

  • Portrayal of societal injustice

One of the main things I love about this show is its representation of hard-hitting issues such as racism within law enforcement, homophobia, the lack of respect for women. Brooklyn Nine-Nine confronts these issues heads on and deals with them perfectly. We get a black gay captain, strong independent women, the best representation of bisexuality and much more. The show doesn’t often get serious but when it does, it makes it count. It’s not always you get a show that’s so diverse, dealing with real problems while also having the comedic factor in the background. Bravo Nine-Nine.

  • The Halloween Episodes

There’s no other way to describe these episodes than iconic. They occur ever year and they’re fun, ambitious, hilarious and by no doubt my favourite. The way the fandom comes together to back their favourite characters, the dynamics of the characters as they team together to win each year, all of it is cheesy, fun and feel-good.

There is obviously so much more about this show that I love and I can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner. For all of you out there that are hesitating to start this show because what it’s too mainstream? Get on it now, you will not regret it. I honestly wish I hadn’t seen it so I could watch it all over again for the first time.

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