30 Days of Pride: North Sea Texas

North Sea Texas is a sensitive, maybe even hyper-sensitive treatment of homosexuality from the start and while it wasn’t the worst LGBT+ movie I’ve watched this month, it certainly wasn’t the best. The film sees teenage boy Pim who wishes to live a better life, one of princesses and beauty queens. When he turns 16, he dreams of Gino, the handsome boy next door. Ever since they were children, there has been this tension between them. The film is an exploration of a boy who is finding love when he’s young and just discovering his sexuality.

The best part of this movie was how beautiful it was shot. Each scene is breath-taking and superbly shot. The actors work is also outstanding. The work of Jelle Florizoone as we watch him struggle with emotions such as anger, confusion, lust, love and more is beautiful and definitely one of the redeeming quality of this film.

On the other hand, North Sea Texas is boring at times. One thing I hated in particular was the typical heterosexual storyline that is included in a supposed LGBT film. We see Nico find himself a girlfriend, go off with said girlfriend and live his life with this girlfriend. It angers me that the LGBT+ in this film is overshadowed by heterosexuality. I didn’t ask for that.

And while we’re here, we should talk of that ending. Did he stay or what? I know that this is a typical film/book/tv show ending, leaving audience’s in suspense but really? After waiting the entire film for Nico to come back and I get NO incline as to whether they have a happy ending or not? I am not happy.

Although, despite this, the end of the credits that read “Dedicated to all the kids whose parents would not allow them the chance to take part in this film” I liked this film just a little more than I did while watching it.

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