30 Days of Pride: God’s Own Country

God’s Own Country is a film that follows a young farmer in rural Yorkshire who usually numbs his daily frustrations with binge drinking and casual sex, that is until the arrival of the cutest Romanian migrant worker who changes every in a matter of weeks.

This is a movie that is soft and tender at moments. A sweater was made for a lamb at one point during this movie and it made me cry. But it’s also a movie that deals with issues such as an inability to accept one’s own sexuality and issues of race and frustration with life. It also has a LOT of sex scenes.

God’s Own Country is poetic both narratively and visually. It ended in a way that I didn’t expect in the best way and my heart was so full. This is a film that is not only about the relationship between 2 men but also been a father and his son during times of need. It’s a film of hardship and work but also love in all it’s form. God’s Own Country 2 WHEN.

It took me a while to buy into and emotionally invest in this film, I will admit this. I had trouble caring about the main character or even rooting for the romance at its beginning. But I got there eventually and I’m glad I did and by the end of the film, I did care deeply for the protagonist although Gheorghe was most definitely the cutest out of the two.

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