Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7

In our current state of lockdown boredom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the possibly one of the best shows to watch at the moment with the humour, drama and well-developed characters that will get you hooked from the very start. And it just so happens that we have been blessed with a new season.

Last time we visited the 99, Holt was sadly demoted to a traffic control officer by the brilliant Madeline Wuntch. This season continues a few days after this as we get Peralta leading a manhunt and making just the right amount of dad references, it works. Although can we please never have Rosa and Amy dab ever again? I did not need to see that. I do appreciate the focus on Rosa and Amy’s friendship this season though…very nice to see women supporting women in TV shows, even comedies.

Every season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is good to me. If it makes me laugh, why fault it? And season 7 is no different. The cinematography has matured in ways that you don’t even expect (that slo-mo scene in episode 2!) We also finally get the second instalment of the Jimmy Jab Games where we get to see Peralta vs. Hitchcock as Peralta stupidly bets his car against the unbeatable Hitchcock.

Andre Braugher, as always, does an outstanding job of making me laugh with his dripping sarcasm

This season has also given the Amy and Peralta fans what they deserve with plenty mushy romance scenes as the couple attempt to make a baby. After many complaints on Twitter last season about the lack of romance between the two, this season definitely makes up for that, providing all the cutesy romance fans love to see. I think we can all relate to Charles shouting “IT HAPPENED” in bed after Amy tells Jake she’s pregnant.

One of my favourite episodes this season though is when we find out Wuntch is dead and Holt has to give a speech at the funeral but, as per B99, there’s a twist – if he says anything bad, he will lose his job. Andre Braugher, as always, does an outstanding job of making me laugh with his dripping sarcasm while Amy and Rosa desperately attempt to save his job.

If I have one problem with season 7 is that it is very much formulaic…you can predict the plot twists, you can predict the jokes as the season takes very much the same structure as the last 6. But if something works, why change it? The season also often deviates from the main action but having watched The Good Place and re-watched this show twice now, you expect that from Michael Schur and Dan Goor. I also very much still miss Gina.

If you’re looking for something to cheer you up during these very uncertain scary times, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the show. Watched season 1-6? Get on season 7! Not watched any? There’s no better time than to start

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