The Umbrella Academy family is back to save the day in season 2 trailer

The Umbrella Academy season 2 may seem a far way off, set to air on the 31st July, fans have been given a sneak peak with an official season 2 trailer! And this time, the Hargreeves siblings are swinging straight into the 60’s.

The final season ended with the dysfunctional family escaping an apocalypse in 2019 by jumping back in time. The trailer shows, however, that the end of the world has followed them back in time and the siblings have yet to prevent the disaster.

The Hargreeves family in The Umbrella Academy, credit: IMDB

However, there’s only one issue. The trailer shows that the family that reunited at the end of the first season are now scattered between 1960 and 1963. Five finds himself in Dallas just 10 days before the catastrophe, Luther has taken up boxing while Alison has dedicated herself to the Civil Rights movement. Some have been building new lives, others have been struggling to adjust to the new environment as Diego is forced to deal with his demons.

In addition to stopping the end of the world, the trailer also shows the gang fending off a trio of Swedish assassins who are hunting them down for disrupting the fabric of time. Yet, despite the chaos, the gang still seem as crazy, chaotic and wonderfully dysfunctional but comedic as ever.

Also, can we please talk about how the trailer debuted Gerard Way’s new song, the creator and writer of the comic book the series is based off. Here Comes the End is perfect for The Umbrella Academy’s vibe and sets us up for a brilliant soundtrack to season 2.

Credit: YouTube

However, despite the action-packed trailer, fans still have questions. What is causing the new impending doomsday? How and when will the gang return to the present? We will soon find out. The second season of The Umbrella Academy airs on July 31 and you can bet I will devour the whole season in one go.

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