about me

Hey, it me.

I’m Lucy Lillystone, a recent English Language and Literature graduate at Newcastle University, studying an MA in English Literature at the University of Sheffield.

I have a passion for all things books and literature, theatre, film and TV. And that’s why I have this blog! A place for me to get these emotional thoughts out of my head, down on paper (or online? I guess?)

Some of my favourite authors are Margaret Atwood, Victoria Aveyard, Leigh Bardugo, Holly Black, Alexandra Bracken, Donna Tart, Madeline Miller and I will read ANYTHING written by Matt Haig.

Any film directed and produced by Greta Gerwig makes me happy but I am also a big fan of Christopher Nolan, Ari Aster and Jordan Peele films. I will also watch anything from A24. I’m here for more female directors and leads in films – please? Women rule.

As for TV, I am one of those who get completely obsessed and consumed by well-developed characters and relationships with soft boys that make your heart throb.

Anyway, enough of the waffling, I hope my enthusiasm and love for culture and the arts comes across in my writing and if anyone even reads my work, I hope you enjoy.